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Assalamoualaikoum dear brothers and sisters. I am pleased to welcome you to, which is a free-to-use matrimonial platform for muslims that will ease you in finding your soulmate. This blog will be dedicated in providing you information on the platform as well as articles related to marriage by different authors.

The 1nikah platform has been designed differently from existing matrimonial websites as it keeps your profile confidential and your private details such as Name, Surname or profile picture is only shared to those people whom you are interested with. A powerful search engine has been implemented and it has been designed to give you suggestions based on your own profile. Your search preferences will be automatically & intelligently set and saved based on your own personality. You can change your preferences at anytime.

If you are interested in a particular profile that has either been suggested to you or while you are browsing profiles, you need to send the person an interest. If he/she is also interested with you from the public information that you have shared, he will accept your interest and you will both be connect. From this point, your private information will be visible to each other. A simple chat has been implemented so that you can exchange a few words before providing each other more personal details such as contact info.

Unlike other popular matrimonial websites, we will keep this platform free to use as our intention is to help the Muslim community. We are targeting people from Mauritius from the time being but people from abroad are free to register as well before it goes international inshallah. I hope that you will benefit from this platform as well as the articles on this blog section.

You can register from this page :

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