Makkah - Muslims - prayer - Photo by Yasir Gürbüz:

Muslims across the globe.

Muslims are a diverse and vibrant community spread across the globe, united by their faith in Islam. With over 1.8 billion adherents, Muslims constitute a significant portion of the world’s population. They hail from a multitude of ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, enriching the tapestry of humanity with their unique contributions. Muslims hold a deep reverence for the teachings of the Qur’an and the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, emphasizing values of compassion, justice, and peace. They play pivotal roles in various fields, including education, arts, sciences, business, and politics, fostering understanding and building bridges of interfaith dialogue. As a diverse and dynamic group, Muslims embody the beauty of multiculturalism, while striving to uphold their core principles and positively impact the global community.

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