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The beauty from within

You are beautiful …

lovely as a pearl,

an original piece of rare art

I know sometimes, it feels as though you try

and try your very hardest

and yet no matter how hard you strive,

it always seems never ample

not good enough, not pretty enough,

not cool enough, not witty enough

and the insecurities never seem to come to a close…

You look in the mirror , wondering who you are

and if you will ever be on par

with all their impossible expectations

My lovely sister,

you are a limited edition…

the way you are is simply wonderful

Whatever you see as flaws and imperfections

are merely signs of you being uniquely special,

Whatever societal milestone you haven’t attained yet,

it doesn’t make you any less admirable…

Time may be running out

still you are never late..

Your journey, elaborately mapped

by the Creator of You and Me

cannot contain just any mishap

Haters may try their very best

to make you feel that you are less

and slowly eat away your confidence

but as the self doubts sink in, you wonder why?

why do they try so bad to make you feel so sad?

maybe they are trying to dull your shine

and break your soul in thousand pieces

yet You, my sister, refuse to be broken

clinging to the Strongest of all light

in hope and determinedly resilient

Your light shines even brighter and your spark stills the twilight

Your energy and force comes only from your Lord…

No matter who tries to dim your light

Your unshakeable faith will conquer it all…

Oh my dear sister, remember you are exceptional…

You need not try so hard..

to please them, to make yourself likeable,

for it’s only Allah that truly matters…

And as you grow older and wiser,

you will soon realise

the negative voices will simply tone down

and eventually matter less and less..

You will come to recognise

you only need allies

who help you thrive

and empower you to reach fullest potential

Oh my dear sister, look in the mirror

and see yourself for the strong lady you are..

You’ve been through so much

yet still so tall you stand, so tough

Your beauty is exclusively special

fashioned most perfectly

by the most Perfect of all…

Your beauty is exclusively special

for it shines beautifully from within…

within your golden heart..

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