1Nikah is an intiative of Halaal Meetup, Mauritius

It all started when a group of young muslims volunteered to create a Facebook group for muslim matchmaking in Mauritius, which was called Halaal meetup. The concept was that muslims send their description to the admin, and the admin would post the profile anonymously on the page. If someone is interested with a profile listed, he/she would contact the admin and they would be connected.

Halaal meetup was itself a success but after some time, with many registered profiles, finding a profile would mean scrolling through a long list of users without any filters. Admin also had a complex task of making people connect to each other. Therefore they concluded that a website was needed to facilitate everyone.

After internal consultation as well as consultation with Daees, brother Yashin Soraballee, volunteered to build and host the much needed website and after months of effort, a first version was released in April 2020. The same anonymous principle was kept and a lot of effort was made to keep the privacy of users. The platform was continuously improved since then and mobile application in both android and iOS was released.

Since running a website and applications with paid associated services have running costs, it was becoming problematic to fund the website, as there was no means of revenue. Releasing apps also meant that the platform reached an international audience. With the growing amount of users, the expenses kept on increasing, we then had no other other option than to find a way in order to monetise the platforms. We therefore introduced PREMIUM PROFILES with a low fee in December 2021, as a means to sustain the platform.

As the number of users grow, we will in the future have paid admins and developers to monitor and maintain the platform in order to provide users with a better experience inshaAllah. We will also need to develop an admin panel for this purpose.