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Assalamoualaikoum dear users,
The 1nikah.com platform has been created as a free platform to help unmarried brothers/sisters in finding a soulmate.
The development of this website has taken several months and maintenance is also regularly performed to keep it running.
Unfortunately as any other websites, running it has several associated costs as listed below :

– Hosting on a VPS server ( monthly rate )
– Firebase by Google for chat and user information ( monthly rate )
– Email server ( monthly rate )
– Website and email server domains ( yearly rate )

The monthly rates depend on the number of users and keeps on increasing.
In order to keep the website running and alleviate the running cost, I am looking for sponsors and will display their banners on the website.

Please contact us if you know organisations/companies who can contribute in this noble cause.

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  • Nur

    October 29, 2020

    Assalaamualaikum. Hope you are doing well In Shaa Allah. Thank you again for this wonderful platform, alhamdulillah. I am not asking to make the platform payable but, perhaps some funds can be gathered through voluntary contribution by the users of this platform and other volunteers. Helping Muslim brothers and sisters meet their partner is a very good cause, Subhaan Allah. I would not mind donating as per my capacity (even after getting married In Shaa Allah, whether I meet my partner through this platform or by another means). It might be a good idea to provide an account number when advertising / promoting this platform. May Allah help you solve the cost issue and any other issues you might encounter. Wassalaamulaikum warahmatullah 🙂