Assalamoualaikoum dear Brothers and Sisters,

It has already been over 1.5 years since the first version of 1Nikah was released. Alhamdulilah, it has been a success since as we have been constantly receiving testimonials on couples getting married. We have also released mobile app versions and we are getting profiles from abroad registering as well.

The website has been autonomous so far without an admin intervention. We now want to enhance the platform further to provide you with a better service and eliminate fake or inactive accounts which is necessary as the number of members increase. As the number of profile grows, cleaning up of profiles is essential to keep interaction only between active members. To accomplish this, much development work is needed, and we need a permanent intervention of an admin on the platform.

In order to fund the expensive running costs of the website which amounts to over $600 per year and development of many new features, we will introduce premium accounts.

The development of this website has been on a voluntary basis and several months of development was needed to release the first version. Maintenance of the platform as well as the app on both android and iOS platforms are also very time consuming and needs a lot of dedicated time.  We now plan to improve the platform further by introducing the following features :

  • Push notifications on mobile devices, you’ll be instantly informed when you receive a new message and interests.
  • Development of a wordpress landing page separate from the app ( The app has been created on a different technology ).
  • Combine the blog ( ) and the new landing page into a single website and have the latest articles published on the front page
  • Develop an admin panel. Admin will have roles such as :
    • Verify profiles,
    • Approve or reject new profiles or block existing ones,
    • Check latest activity dates of profiles and disable inactive profiles,
    • Contact users if incomplete profiles or missing information,
    • Provide help and assistance to users,
    • Update users automatically by email on new profiles that they may be interested with,
  • Development of premium profile option where premium users will have new possibilities and less restrictions ( increased amount of conversations, premium badge, Introduction message, featured on homepage ). Payment will be handled on iOS, Android and Web version.
  • Publish more Nikah related articles, tips & advice. We will need authors and content creators ( who will be paid for their effort inshaAllah). Marriages are often failures without proper islamic eduction on marital life. Therefore, we want to put much more emphasis on marital education.
  • Improve current platform with many new options and correct existing issues and bugs.
  • Use part of the fund we receive in making sponsored post to get more users. It will then be easier for you to find a match inshAllah.

In order to bring all those changes, we need funding and we will only be able to do so by premium accounts. We will only charge a small one-time fee. Note that non premium accounts will still be able to use the website and contact persons who have mutual interests as they have been doing before.

We hope that these changes will be of much benefit to everyone inshaAllah.