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Muslims in Tunisia

Muslims in Tunisia form the majority of the country’s population and play a significant role in shaping its cultural, social, and political landscape. With Islam as the state religion, Tunisia has a predominantly Muslim population. The demographic composition of Muslims in Tunisia includes various ethnic groups, primarily Arab-Berber. The overwhelming majority of Tunisians identify themselves as Muslims and adhere to the Maliki school of Sunni Islam. However, Tunisia also has a small community of Shia Muslims. The religious practices and beliefs of Tunisian Muslims vary, ranging from moderate to more conservative interpretations of Islam. Mosques serve as important centers of worship, education, and community engagement. The state supports and regulates religious affairs through the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Tunisia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion and respects the rights of religious minorities. The country’s Muslim community is an integral part of Tunisian society, contributing to its rich cultural heritage and national identity.

Muslims in Tunisia looking for Nikah - Marriage

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