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1nikah is a free marriage website for muslims.

1nikah.com - A free muslim matrimonial tool

One Nikah is a free innovative Muslim matrimonial platform that has been created in order to help Muslim men and women find a spouse. 1nikah uses a different approach whereby all profiles are kept anonymous. Connection requests can then be sent to whomever the person is interested in. If the latter accepts the interest, they can see each other’s private information and then communicate via a simple chat.

Nikah - which is a term for marriage, is an essential part of a muslim's life and is needed to complete half the deen as prophet Muhammad taught us. Many muslims struggle today to find a match and we have developed this platform to facilitate them. They can browse through hundreds of profiles and have a conversation with people of mutual interest.
We unfortunately also have many people in our community who were previously married and now divorced. With age and children, it is very hard for them to find a spouse. This has given us the motivation to build this marriage website.

1Nikah is a very halaal way to move forward with marriage interntion. Only essential information about a person is disclosed and we make sure that photos of woman are not seen publicly.
Besides the web platform, the application has also been developed for android and ios. You can download the applications on the link below : Mobile Apps
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The platform was initially developed for Mauritius but is now worldwide and we have many profiles from many majority muslim countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria etc. With the help of the mobile apps, we will make the platform worldwide inshaAllah. The developer is Yashin Soraballee from Mauritius.

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